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Leakage in Hose Pipe, Metal pipes or reservoirs etc. creating Cracks or Seepage in walls, Roofs or Toilets?

Here comes the healer, the Sealezy™ Leakproof Spray, a spray based formula that seals the leakges in pipes, cracks in walls, ceilings etc. with ease.

It cures the low-pressure leaks in Hoses, Oil Pans, Differentials, Transmission Pans, Fluid reservoirs as well as Plastic, PVC and Metal Pipes.

Now, Water Seepage thru Cracks, In Toilets, Wall Water Seepage, Roof Seepage can easily be treated and prevented thru this. It is Spillproof, Easy to use and works on all Construction Materials. It is Anti Corrosive, Rust Proof and Fast Drying, Temperature and UV Resistance resulting in lasting repairs.

Sealing the Leaks made Easy with Sealezy™️.


  • Hassle Free & Easy to use: Just need to aim the area you want to seal and spray on it. It evenly spreads itself on the surface. Simple and easy, no need to make your hands and clothes dirty with sticky paints and sealers.
  • Targets Leakages, Cracks and Seepage: Low Pressure leakages in Pipes, Fluid Reservoirs, Cracks and Seepages, any type of leakage can be repaired with Sealezy™. It gets into the cracks and fill the gaps efficiently.⦁ Waterproof, Rust Proof, Anti Corrosion and Fast Drying: Other sprays fails to provide a shield against the Water or Moisture mostly during Rains, causing Rust and Corrosion. Sealezy™ resolves that problem as well by providing the protective shield against the Moisture.   
  • Works on Self Levelling Formula, Temperature and UV Resistant: No need to use a paint brush or your fingers to spread the spray, it levels itself once sprayed. Protecting the surface from decay or damage from UV Radiations and Temperatures is the USP of Sealezy™.

  • Seals out Water, Air & Moisture: Sealezy™ locks the affected area so well that nothing can pass thru the sprayed portion unlike its contemporaries that at times leaks out and causes seepage or cracks into the sprayed portion. Making the surface Waterproof, there is no chance of getting any sort of leakages in it.
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Directions to Use:
⦁ Clean the Surface to be cured and make sure its dry.
⦁ Shake the Spray Bottle well for about 10 seconds before use.
⦁ Thin Spray on multiple areas.
⦁ Let the Surface Dry for 20-30 minutes.