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Solar Helicopter Car Air-freshner

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Introducing the Solar Helicopter Car Air-freshener, a delightful accessory that not only adds a pleasant fragrance to your vehicle but also harnesses the power of the sun to provide a sustainable and refreshing experience.


The Solar Helicopter Car Air-freshener utilizes a small solar panel located on its roof to capture sunlight and convert it into energy. This energy powers a built-in fan system that releases a gentle breeze, dispersing the refreshing fragrance throughout the car cabin.


To use the Solar Helicopter Car Air-freshener, simply attach it to a suitable location in your vehicle and let the power of the sun do the rest.

  1. Experience the Solar Helicopter Car Air-freshener, an innovative accessory that fills your car with a refreshing aroma using the sun's energy, ensuring a pleasant and eco-friendly drive.
  2. Crafted from top-tier aluminum, this air-freshener boasts a high-end design that's not only durable but also a stylish addition to your vehicle.
  3. Its unique solar-powered propeller rotation enhances your car's aesthetic while ensuring the fragrance is dispersed evenly, adding an exotic touch to your journeys.
  4. With the built-in solar panel, it captures sunlight, powering a fan to spread the delightful scent throughout your vehicle - simply set it up and let the sun work its magic.
  5. Customize your aromatic experience by adding your choice of Liquid Aroma Terrai, letting you drive stress-free while basking in nature's essence.

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