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Always looking for lids to cover the leftovers from dinner or when you have to pack a quick lunch? With Vaclid™ you can now cover anything and everything in an airtight seal. This is a set of 6 silicone lid covers that fit directly over bowls, jars, Tupperware boxes, hot food items, and almost everything, keeping them fresh for a long time.

Thanks to their stretchable material, these covers can take the form of any shaped bowls, pans, dishes that you want to cover. These reusable lids also have a heat resistance of up to 450 degrees celsius so it will not bend out of shape or melt when put directly over a freshly cooked item.

Since the six lids are of various sizes, it helps to cover the smallest and largest of items easily.

  • Stores Liquid Too: Its super suction power sticks to the surface of the vessel, sealing it in a way that even liquids don’t leak out. Works amazingly well when you have to take your drinks on the go and not spill it.
  • Transparent Lids: These lids are specially designed as transparent so that you can view what is inside the vessel, making it easier to identify the food item required at the moment.
  • Food Safe Material: Vaclid™ is made from food-safe material so you can safely store any food item that you want for as long as you want. Its BPA free, non-toxic composition makes it safe to be used for storing and carrying any food item.
  • Durable: Made from premium grade material, Vaclid™ is extremely durable to endure everyday wear and tear. It doesn’t stretch out of its shape or warp, ensuring its life for a long time.
  • Microwave-Safe: Besides being easy to carry along, the silicone lids are safe to be kept on while heating food in the microwave. It makes for a perfect way to pack lunch for work.
  • Material: Premium Grade Silicone 
  • Color: Transparent Blue
  • Microwave Safe: Yes
  • 1 x *Product Name* (Pack of 6)
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