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Bad Body Posture and Slouching often makes Personality of People dull and they become the laughingstock amongst Friends and Colleagues. Due to long working hours and Sedentary lifestyle it occurs in most of the youngsters as well.
But not anymore. We have come up with a solution for it. Introducing Posturyt™, a posture corrector brace that helps aligning your spine and makes your body posture straight like never before. 
Provided with breathable fabric and adjustable straps, Posturyt™ fits both men and women. It aligns your neck and spine, giving you a natural upright position. By gradually supporting your body stance and aligning your Spine, 
So, With Posturyt™ fix your posture and say Bye Bye to Slouching once and for all!

  • Improves your Posture, Breathing and Makes you look taller: Posturyt™️ helps in aligning your spine, maintains the correct Body Posture, thereby making you look taller and improved Breathing as well.
  • Your daily Workout Partner: No matter how intense and what kind of workout you do, it helps in giving proper form to it and helps in avoiding injuries by maintaining the required position of your Body. 
  • Wear Under Clothes: You can wear it comfortably under your daily clothes. The seamless fit makes sure that it is not visible if you are going out and meeting people.
  • Versatile: It is an added advantage in the long run, if you wear Posturyt™️ all day long be it while Walking, Exercising or even Sitting. It makes your body posture better day by day and kicks slouching away from your body.
  • Premium Quality: Made with high-grade Neoprene, Elastic, Stainless Steel, and Velcro, Posturyt™ ensures sturdiness and durability.
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