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Discover the Magic of Acupressure Natural Stone Slippers with Pebbliz™️!

Dive into a world of pure comfort and wellness with the Pebbliz™️, designed specially for you, these slippers aren't just a pair of shoes but a pathway to a relaxed and healthier you.

Step into a healthier life with Acupressure Natural Stone Slippers today!


  1. Unmatched Comfort: Crafted from lightweight wood and fitted with adjustable straps, our slippers guarantee a perfect fit, ensuring ease and comfort for every step you take.
  2. Natural Healing Power: With special red stones touching key points on your feet, these slippers not only soothe but also help naturally heal ailments like arthritis and foot pain.
  3. Effortless Wellness Boost: Wearing Pebbliz™️ for just 15 minutes gives the wellness benefit of an hour's exercise, supercharging your energy and body defenses.
  4. Durable & Low Maintenance: Designed with top-quality materials, these slippers stand the test of time. And when it's cleaning time? A simple wipe does the trick.
  5. Universal Appeal: Whether you're on your feet all day, seated in an office, or an elder aiming for improved mobility, Pebbliz™️ caters to everyone, adapting to your unique comfort needs.
1. No Risk, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.
2. Comprehensive 2-Year Warranty Included.
3. 100% Quality Inspection on every order.
4. FREE Shipping. No surprises or hidden fees.
5. Safe Payments via UPI, NetBanking, Debit/Credit Card or PayTM®
6. End to End Tracking for every order.
7. Help when you need it. we got you!