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One-For-All Derusting & Cleansing Spray 

What’s tough, sticky, difficult to penetrate yet catches your attention? Dirt, dust, grease, and other such unwanted particles in your kitchen premise. Cleanse thoroughly and for all purposes with Stainfixo™ an all rounder for every type of cleansing, derusting, and mold removal activity across the neglected corners of your house. 

Stainfixo™ for bathroom or for kitchen - does the job with ease and without spraining your back or neck. The formula protects your equipment or surface, makes everything germ-free, and has a 5X rust-removal power formula that clings to rust and takes it away without even a thorough scrubbing. This all-in-one spray is ideal for cleaning mirrors, slabs, glass, metal plates, and rust-infected corners of your house. The foul odor emitted from one such surface will be wiped away once you’re done cleaning with Stainfixo™.

Too much grease? Use Stainfixo™ please! 


  • Removes Dirt: Stainfixo™ is an effective solution to remove all kind of dirt and dust from any given surface. It can disrupt the buildup of oil, grease, and burnt food residue. 
  • Removes Limescale: the hard chalky compound formation over metallic and mostly water-related equipment can be removed easily with Stainfixo™.
  • Works as a Disinfectant: Stainfixo™ also ensures there is no harmful fumes or residual formation post the cleansing exercise.


  • Cookware Stains: whether oily stains inside your oven or on the cooking stands, wipe em' away. 
  • Dirty Toilets: the toilet seats, rusty corners, and stained tiles all can sparkle with a scrub. 
  • Hazed Mirrors: hazed mirrors have a certain odor, which can go away when wiped clean. 
  • Rusty Taps: make taps, pipes, and other kitchen & bathroom hardware rust-free.
  • Soiled Chimneys & Exhausts: exhaust fans and chimneys have moist mold & other particles, remove it quickly and carefully. 


  • Keep away from children and pets 
  • Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water or seek medical help. 
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