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Usage Instructions - Styloso™️

  • To make sure your halo hair extensions blend beautifully and look as natural as possible, start by pulling the top section of your hair into a top knot. Leave a two-inch wide section out at the front of your face. Pulling your hair up before you place the halo is optional, but it helps a lot with blending the hair later on.
  • Place the halo on your head with the wire about an inch back from your forehead. Push the back of the woof down so it sits firmly below your occipital bone, a small bump you can feel at the back of your head. You may want to secure the hair in place using the detachable Velcro clips though that’s entirely up to you.
  • Take your top knot down so the top section of your hair covers the halo. Using a tail comb pull pieces of hair over the halo and wire until it is completely covered. Brush through the ends of your locks until the strands are blended.