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Save Food, Eat Fresh, and Seal Your Woes

Designed with fully automated sealing operation, our specially crafted vacuum sealer Sealexo™ is reliable, cost-effective, and most important, user-friendly. With this product, your vacuum-sealed foodstuffs will tend to have a shelf life eight times longer than when refrigerated. Wait not; say goodbye to cluttered and unorganized refrigerators and freezers right off the bat! 

According to the research carried out by industry experts, Sealexo™ prevents food items from being oxidated by simply cutting off access to air. The sealing, in turn, prevents food from spoilage and spillage and locks in freshness, enabling you to consume your favorite meals cooked hours before. 

Although the sealer is highly recommended for preserving meat, fish, cheese, salad, fruit, vegetables, herbs, soups, chips, and animal feed, it is worth noting that you can also use it to safeguard items like coins, jeweler, or clothing from any kind of damage.


  • Easy to Use: Sealexo™ comes with a fully automatic, simple electric plug that aims at making the user experience hassle-free. Touted as a smart and effective device by many, Sealexo™ removes air from specially designed bags to prevent oxidation of food. This, in turn, ensures that food remains fresh until consumed.  
  • Convenient, Clever & Compact: Sealexo™ is designed with two selectable sealing modes. You can choose the dry mode to seal solid foods like cookies, nuts, candies, chips, and the like. Wet mode is for sealing foodstuffs like meat, seafoods, and other simmered or steamed foods. Moreover, the food sealer saver shell is made of ABS engineering plastic and durable sealer machine. It is a fully automatic vacuum sealing system design, with multi-layer heat dissipation and overheat protection. It is, therefore, compact and easily mobile.  
  • Impeccable Quality: Sealexo™ can lock moisture and isolate air. Be that as it may, food getting spilt can also be a major cause of concern. With our highly efficient vacuum sealer at your disposal though, you can let go of your worries, for it possesses impeccable guarding features that disallow any sort of food spillage. Your foodstuffs will remain intact - quality-wise and quantity-wise
  • Excellent Shelf Life: Thanks to our strict quality control system, Sealexo™ has already been subjected to specific laboratory testing. Our testing has concluded that the sealer possesses a superb shelf life, and its airtight seal can keep items fresher that your normal workaday lunchboxes.  
  • Low Power Consumption: Sealexo™ can be mounted on metal surfaces easily. The better news is that it consumes minimal power to function. Therefore, if you have plans to embark on a long journey and enjoy the food you make, Sealexo™ can happily come to the rescue. Feel free to pack and seal whatever you want, and safely keep the thought of power consumption behind.  
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