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Say goodbye to backache without any professional help with Flexize™.

This is a back stretcher, fitness equipment that stretches out the lumbar and upper back muscles to alleviate pain and stiffness.

It decompresses your spine and increases vertebrae space to allow more and better blood circulation in your spinal discs. 

  • Safest Way to Get Rid of Back Pain: This is the most effective, non-surgical way of stretching the spine and bringing it back to its natural alignment. It also provides deep lumbar tissue massage to reduce sciatica pain, soreness, and strain from that area.

  • Quick Relief from Chronic Backache: Flexize™ is efficient in treating both long term and early signs of back problems. Regular use of the equipment will prevent complications in the future too.
  • Designed for Acupressure Therapy: Flexize™ is designed to target acupressure massage points with the soft point cones on the surface of the equipment. This accelerates the spine's self-healing mechanism

  • Adjustable Arc Height: The arc angle can be adjusted at three levels. For mild stretching, use it at the first level and use the third level for maximum stretchability. This determines which height provides you with maximum relief.

  • Improves Posture and Increases Range of Motion: Regular Use of  Flexize™ corrects the curved slumped posture of the spine. This, in turn, increases flexibility and agility.

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