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Cutting of vegetables and fruits is an inevitable part of cooking. Apart from cutting, slicing, shredding, grinding, etc. are also done depending upon what’s cooking. This small but powerful Swizie™, a 4-in-1 Ultimate Vegeteble Grater and Slicer, is a must

Swizie™ is a multifunctional accessory for your kitchen that allows us to chop using a hand-powered rotor. The best use of this cutter is to make a fruit or vegetable salad. Just clean your fruits or vegetables, put them in the feeding jar, move the handle and collect your salad from the detachable base.

It has three cutting drums. These drums are interchangeable and are used according to the cutting required. To change the drum, simply press the switch on the handle which will unlock the drum, now place the desired drum for cutting and lock it again safely. 

Cut the veggies and fruits without cutting yourself with Swizie™️.

  • Strong, Small and Stylish: Swizie™ is made from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic which outlasts ordinary vegetable cutters. It doesn’t occupy much of your kitchen space as it's very compact. It is smartly designed and looks very stylish.
  • Rotary Grater: Swizie™ comes with an easy to use handle which allows you to stop the cutting or slicing at any moment if required. It can be used to grate cheese easily. Not just grating, grinding of nuts and spices can also be done easily.
  • Interchangeable Blades: Swizie™ comes with three interchangeable cylindrical blades or drums. Each one is used for a different purpose like shredding, slicing, etc.
  • Anti-Slip Base: Swizie™ has silica gel vacuum suction base. It holds on a flat surface with an excellent grip and makes the cutting more stable. It is way faster than a kitchen knife, one turn of the handle cut as much as 5 ordinary knives and hence saves time. It also keeps your fingers safe and your veggies clean.
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