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Whether gardening is your hobby or you are a horticulture professional, Clonixo™ will be a one-stop solution for all your cloning needs. It is a gardening tool used for cloning trees efficiently which produces maximum yields.

The grafted trees would bloom and produce fruits much sooner than those propagated by seeds. Clonixo™ will eliminate the hassle of following the traditional methods of cloning that not only took up a lot of your effort but consumed your precious time.

Clonixo™ comes with a self-adhesive plastic film that you can use to tape the two branches at the joint and plant them wherever you want. It will grow into an exact genetic duplicate of the superior tree. You can also use Clonixo™ to prune branches of trees effectively. This will help you in multiplying your harvest up to three times faster than usual.

Give your grafts the best start possible with Clonixo™, the essential tool for successful tree grafting.
  • Cuts Precisely in U, V, and Ω-Shape: Clonixo™ is used to cut the branch of the two trees that you want to crossbreed. It will precisely cut the branches in U, V and Ω shape so that they can be locked together with each other and the crossbreeding can begin. This allows the tissues of the trees to attach with each other and grow into a new advanced version of the dominant genes.
  • Perfect for Cloning and Grafting: Clonixo™ will be the perfect addition to your garden tools and gadgets. The shear blades are chromium plated that make them sharp enough to cut through rigid wood. It is completely anti-corrosive in nature that makes them last longer.
  • Strong & Sturdy Spring: Clonixo™ boasts a robust spring that will withstand frequent uses even on strong and hardwood. This makes the tool extremely durable and also eases the handling procedure. For effortless and perfect grafting of stems Clonixo™️ is the best option.
  • Lightweight and Portable:  You can just as easily carry it with you wherever you want and being lightweighted it doesn't put a load onto your luggage as well even while travelling.
  • Premium Quality Material: Made from premium grade ABS and fine grade aluminum, the body of Clonixo™ will withstand accidentals falls and drops. The handles are made of anti-slip material to give you a good grip while operating the tool. It can be used during any weather condition and will provide you with precision cutting each time.
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