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Cleaning your Ears is as important as cleaning your whole body is. If not done properly it can lead to dangerous repercussions like, Bleeding Ears, Partial Deafness etc. We tend to clean them using cotton or matchstick that can be fatal too and it pushes the wax towards the eardrum causing it to damage.  So, what is the Solution?

Introducing, Eziswab™️. An Earwax remover having Medical Grade Silicone Material Design that ensures the safety of your ears while using it.

Screw Spiral tip gives you the best Ears’ Cleaning of all time, safe for children as well, unlike the conventional earwax removers.

Now clean your Earwax Safely in Minutes with Eziswab™️


  • Excellent Design: Eziswab™️ is designed with High Grade Silicone that's absolutely safe and used in Medical Equipment which makes it different and safer from other Conventional Earwax Removers.
  • Easy to Use: Just put the applicator inside your ear and twist as the arrow directs and pull out all the Wax in just the blink of an eye without getting hurt.
  • Disposable/Reuseable Tips: Eziswab™️ comes with 16 Soft and Flexible Disposable Tips that can easily be dumped after use or wash it to reuse.
  • Absolutely Safe for All: Its unique Spiral Tip Silicone Remover doesn’t hurt Adults or Children at all, giving them a Pain-free and Safe Earwax removal, without damaging the Eardrums.
1. No Risk, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.
2. Comprehensive 2-Year Warranty Included.
3. 100% Quality Inspection on every order.
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