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We all know “a Healthy mouth means a Healthy Body” but don’t follow it practically and tend to ignore our Dental Health and Hygiene.

Dental problems like Tooth decay, Plaque, Bleeding Gums and Bad Breath are the most common ones people are facing nowadays despite using their favorite toothpaste brands.

Relax!! We are putting your Dental Problems to a halt, as we give you Dentiqo™️ - a Mousse Foam based Toothpaste, that maintains your Dental health and Hygiene the way you desired it to be.

Dentiqo™️ gives the Bright, Shine & White Teeth as never before.

Dentiqo™️ has a Foam based formula that captures the cavity of your teeth and removes it thereby curing the prevailing or probable teeth ailments.

Its Flavored Essence gives the ultimate freshness to your mouth and gives you a Stunning Smile Makeover.

Features: -   

* Ergonomic Press Design and Easy to UseDentiqo™️ is designed in such a way that makes it convenient to use for every age groups. Just press the Applicator for Foam in your mouth, Gargle and Rinse in 15-20 seconds. (Alternatively, it can be applied on Toothbrush as well).Pure Natural Ingredients: The best thing about Dentiqo™️ is that its free from harmful chemicals and contains natural ingredients like lemon extracts, menthol etc. that rejuvenates your Dental Health without any side-effects.* Strong Cleaning Power of Baking Soda Makes Teeth Shinier White: Dentiqo™️ Penetrates the enamel cervices and remove food particles and deep stains embedded there thru the Baking Soda contents in it. Baking Soda targets the stains and bacteria, captures and removes them thereby giving the Shinier, Bright and White Teeth like never before.* Effective than your Traditional Toothpaste Brand with 360° Cleaning: Dentiqo™️ helps in treating tooth ailments like Plaque, Tooth Decay, Bleeding Gums and Bad Breath effectively alongwith the freshness, unlike the Traditional Toothpastes that just act as a mouth fresheners.

GIve a Bright Dazzling Smile and the long lasting Freshness to your mouth with  Dentiqo™️

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2. Comprehensive 2-Year Warranty Included.
3. 100% Quality Inspection on every order.
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