Arthoxo™️ - Knee Relief Patch Kit

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Ageing or simple wear and tear of your knee cartilage can result in bone-on-bone rubbing. This causes pain and inflammation, which further destroys the protective cushion between your joints and may cause the following:

Not anymore, Introducing, Arthoxo™️, an Herbal pain-relieving Patches that helps naturally in relieving the pain in knees, ankles, neck, shoulders or back for up to 8 hours without any drugs, chemicals, or side effects.

People with chronic pain, the joy from Arthoxo™️ can be life changing. They can run, hike, play with their grandchildren, exercise, and do the things they love again. Even everyday tasks, when done without pain, can bring freedom and happiness to those living with chronic issues.

Get rid of your Ache with Arthoxo™️ without taking the headache.


  • Convenient & Easy to use: Arthoxo™️’s breakthrough formula is designed for maximum absorption of fast-acting ingredients to immediately reduce knee or joint pain & inflammation thereby improving mobility in the joints. Just remove the patch from the sticker and paste on the affected body part it shall start working instantly, its non-stick and safe on skin as well.
  • 100% Safe & No Side-Effects: All-organic natural herbs to fight knee pain. The healing power of mother nature's most potent pain relievers i.e., Wormwood, Evergreen Wisteria, Wild Celery, Safflower Oil, Saline Cistanche etc. are present in Arthoxo™️.
  • Actirvates your body's Self-Healing Mechanisms: The scientific clinical research has proven that Arthoxo™️ not only helps in reducing pain and inflammation but also by relaxing the tissues of the skin and muscles it activates self-healing mechanism of the body that makes it suitable for almost all types of muscle or joints pain. 
  • Effective Drug-free remedy:  Arthoxo™️ is the most effective remedy that needs no additional pain killers or drugs to support, it works on its own and do the healing. In addition to reducing pain, it destroys inflammation-causing cytokines, give warmth to the stiff Muscles and helps you enjoy all the daily chores, activities etc which the pain was stopping you from doing.
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